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Discover for yourself the simple and worry free casting process of the Neo Super Cascom in the Product demonstration video below. If you can operate a microwave oven, you can produce casting with high quality, dense and razor sharp margins with ease using the Neo Super Cascom.



Ceramic Heating with Vacuum and Pressure

The Neo Super Cascom features a specialized spiral ceramic heater element which precisely melts the alloy at desired temperatures. The ceramic heater allows technicinas to accurately adjust melt temperature by 1°C or F. Such precision heating eliminates overheating of the alloy. This allows casting to be done at the lowest possible temperature, which translates to porosity-free dense castings with ideal alloy characteristics.

Under a microscope, it is easy to see the smooth surfaces and sharp margins that can contribute to longer life for the completed restorations.

Programable Casting Cycles with Argon Gas

The Neo Super Cascom features programmable casting process for each type of metal and the unit is also capable of melting an alloy in air or argon gas atmosphere, which works to prevent oxidization of the alloy and helps to achieve cleaner casting results.


The Neo Super Cascom is capable of casting wide range of alloys including precious metals, semi-precious metals, and non-precious (except for titanium) to fabricate inlays, crowns, implants, and partial frameworks. Its maximum melting capacity is 150grams (5oz) for precious and semi precioius and 45g for non precious alloy, allowing technicinas to even cast full mouth cases.


  1. The unit requires 120V with 50/60Hz Max. 1.5kVA
  2. Requires 100psi – 145psi of Pressureized Air
  3. Argon Gas Tank with a Regulator (if you cast a metal that contains Pd more than 30%)
  4. Vacuum Pump

Discover for yourself the simple and worry free casting process of the Neo Super Cascom in the Product demonstration video below.


Power Requirement:
Single Phase 120V 50/60Hz Max. 1.5kVA

Vac Pump Outlet:
Single Phase 120V 0.3kVA

Pressurized Air:
0.75MPa – 1.0MPa (110psi – 146psi)

20 (w) x 21 (h) x 20 (d) inches

109lbs (49kg)

Ceramic Heating

Vacuum and Pressure

Max Temperature:
1,530°C (2,786°F)

Max Melting Capacity:
Precious Alloy 150g
Non-Precious Alloy 45g

Casting Ring Size:
Max. Ø90mm
Min. Ø43mm


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