Quality, Trust and Efficiency

Working under the philosophy of technical reliability and value since our business inauguration, years of research and development based upon own electronic technology and unique experiences in the field of precise and compact electric furnaces have help us contribute to various fields of industry. We take great pride in the fact that our KDF brand equipments have earned us a leading position in our field and the major market share in Japan for over 40 years.

Our recently developed products including our KDF Cascom SE casting machines are being highly evaluated in several overseas markets such as North America, The E.U., and the Southeast Asian Countries for their excellent capabilities.

Why KDF?

There are many reasons why KDF is a premier choice for you to consider for your dental lab equipment needs. Here are a few:

Industry leader in Japan for over 40 years
Since the foundation in Kyoto, Japan in 1969, KDF has been the leading dental lab equipment manufacturer.

KDF HQ in Japan

All products are made in Japan
With the trust we built, our Research & Development team has been innovating to create new technology to meet our clients’ needs.

We operate globally
As a result of our leading position, our Cascom line has been sold over 4,000 units worldwide to highly discerning labs, and is an indispensable part of many labs (Ex: Glidewell, Bonadent, Argen, Columbia University, UCLA, LSU, etc).