Power ON/OFF
  1. Press any one of the course buttons, °❹, °❸,°❷,°❶, °❶,°❷,°❸,°❹, for a few seconds.
  2. The selected course lamp illuminates.
  3. Re-Press the selected course button to switch off.


Pre-Stored Programs

The following program is pre-installed for each grip. Each program is adjustable:

  • °❶ 50°C
  • °❷ 45°C
  • °❸ 85°C
  • °❹ 23°C


Change Pre-Installed Programs

Example: Change °❷ 45°C of Grip 1 to 60°C

  1. Press °❷ on Function 1. Default value 4 5 is displayed.
  2. Press on the grip to show 6 0 on the display and turn the power off.


Temperature Monitor Ramp
  • Red: Lower than the set temp (heating up)
  • Orange: Almost reach the set temp (temp holding)
  • Green: Higher than the set temp (temp cooling)

When you press , the level varies by 3.

Auto Power OFF

For safety purpose, when you forget to turn off the power or not using grip button operation for a period of time, Wax Master II functions to switch off automatically. Press any one of the buttons on the grip or controller to stop the chime. 1 hour is set for default value. This default value is revisable.


Change a Default Value of Auto Power Off
  1. Press FUNC + °❷ of grip 2
  2. Display (Left): b F
  3. Display (Right): 1. 0 (Default value 60min)
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