Dear All Dealers,

We KDF US always appreciate your purchasing our products and take care of your customers daily.

We’d like to mention that we have a process for accepting customer care. Currently, we have been updating our KDF website HOW TO/TROUBLESHOOTING for each machine. Please take a look for the dealer’s customer tech support team.

  1. If you received a contact from your customer for a repair request or error number of needed supports.
  2. Please help your customers on your end first with troubleshooting videos/ PDFs. Most trouble cases could be solved by these support videos/PDFs.
  3. If still not solved the problem, please contact KDF by the form below with the following conditions. (if not have this information, we can’t reply to you)

    We can accept only via dealer by form (not from customer direct), then after diagnosis, we will advise you (to the dealer side ). Basically, we cannot contact the end customer directly at this time.

    (NOTE: In this case, we will charge a consulting fee to the dealer later)

    Inquiry Consultation Form for Dealers (question/ repair)

    • Even If not still solved the problem?

      If your customer’s unit is still under warranty? KDF will support repair (warrantied parts replacement only)


      If your customer’s unit was already out of warranty (passed one year of the KDF invoice date)? Please contact our repair department.

      P&S and Company LLC

    Thank you,

    KDF US Inc