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Result in 100 minutes!

The best combination KDF machines for your FASTEST result.


You can get the result in 100 minutes with KDF machines!

Not included Slow Cooling Time , 90min is only sintering time.

The Best and Fastest combination for sintering and staining / glazing time.This combination is for not only the Dental Laboratory but also the Dental office on the chair side too.

On the lab sometimes get a rush case need to delivery to the dental office until first afternoon patient coming. OR some remake rush case until next morning.

In that case, Our KDF best combination machines, 90 min Zircom Speed sintering oven and 10min Master Plus porcelain oven. Not included Slow Cooling Time , 90min is only sintering time.


・Zirconia sintering program example for Zircom Speed (Only for 90 min fast firing zirconia material)

NOTE:Zircom Speed CARBON TRAY is available for Zircom Speed holders ONLY.Also, This Carbon tray always has TWO steps for setting up, around 10 single crowns for each tray, average total 20 crowns in one sintering. for 3 units bridge is Three bridges for each tray,average total 6 bridges in one sintering.

・Staining / Glazing program example for Master Plus (average 10 to 15 min)

Not included Slow Cooling Time , 10-15min is only sintering time.

Also, Master Plus is very compact sizing Dimensions: 10(W)×17(H)×12(D) inches, So you can put the shade taking room or patient chair side for doctors.

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