Important Announcements


Hello KDF Customers!

We KDF US has been trying to update for machines troubleshooting. These short videos and PDFs will help you not only troubleshooting but for the dealer’s technical support team training or customer support ! The most troublesome cases will be helped and fixable by these references. so please check it out first and then when you receive an inquiry from your customer please attach these links, that would be a great help on dealer’s end.



NEW POLICY Announcement for all DEALERS

We have a new process for accepting customer care from dealers ONLY (Not from customer direct). If you have any issue with our products, go to KDF website HOW TO/TROUBLESHOOTING for each machine. If still not solved the problem, take a look for the dealer’s customer tech support team.

Thank you for waiting for many years. This is a pre-information for all dealers. Finally, We KDF have a plan to update all price lists in SOON 2021. This update will not only parts consumable items but our machine too.

All KDF products included.

  • Zircom Series (Regular / Plus / Speed)
  • Neo Super Cascom
  • Cascom SE
  • Master Plus
  • 007 Plus (Burnout Oven)
  • ES71 (Cleaner)
  • Wax Master

Check out KDF’s YouTube Channel

Have you ever had any trouble with our machines?

Please watch troubleshooting videos on YouTube.

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