Introducing 007 Plus & ES71

Introducing 007 Plus & ES71

BURNOUT OVEN & Platinum Catalyst Cleaner

The best casting results with a cleaner and healthier place to work!

Introducing 007 Plus & ES71

Hello KDF Customers!

007 Plus burns out the wax Quick, Fast and Completely. It takes only 14 mins to reach 800℃. The high quality seamless ceramic chamber leads to a perfect wax burn out. 007 Plus reduces recasting and delivers fine casting results. Also using ES71 Platinum Catalyst Cleaner will absorb Ammonia, Carbon monoxide, Hydrochlorides.

Introducing007 Plus & ES71

007 Plus Burnout works with Neo Super Cascom casting machine to rapidly burn out and keep the ring temperature to the Neo Super Cascom by specific programming.

Introducing007 Plus & ES71-3

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