Introducing Wax Master Ⅱ

Wax Master Ⅱ

Hello KDF Customers!

Wax Master II features a built-in heat sensor and power switch in wax grip. Temperature adjustment can be done with your fingertips, saving time and improving efficiency. Built-in microcomputer precisely regulates heat and stores 4 independent temperature settings. A thermal tube surrounds the heat sensor to ensure precise heat control that is unaffected by voltage changes, surrounding air currents, or workplace temperature variations. The pocket-sized Wax Master II is only 0.8 inches (2 cm) thick and requires minimal space for installation. 2 pens and 5 types of tips (PKT-S, PKT-L, Spatula, Evans, and Spoon) are provided for the various requirement of waxing-up.


NEW POLICY Announcement for all DEALERS

We have a new process for accepting customer care from dealers ONLY (Not from customer direct). If you have any issue with our products, go to KDF website HOW TO/TROUBLESHOOTING for each machine. If still not solved the problem, take a look for the dealer’s customer tech support team.


Thank you for waiting for many years. This is a pre-information for all dealers. Finally, We KDF have a plan to update all price lists in SOON 2021. This update will not only parts consumable items but our machine too.

All KDF products included.

    • Zircom Series (Standard / Plus / Speed)
    • Neo Super Cascom
    • Cascom SE
    • Master Plus
    • 007 Plus (Burnout Oven)
    • ES71 (Cleaner)
    • Wax Master

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