Item Code Item Name
NEOS-M302 (Discon) to NEOS-M609 Crucible Sensor Assembly
NEOS-C000 Neo Super Cascom (Machine)
NEOS-C001 Ceramic Crucible (10/box)
NEOS-C002 Carbon Crucible (10/box)
NEOS-C003 Carbon Washer Kit
NEOS-C004 Casting Ring 43 (3/pk)
NEOS-C005 Casting Ring 60 (3/pk)
NEOS-C006 Casting Ring 76 (2/pk)
NEOS-C007 Casting Ring 90 (1/pk)
NEOS-C008 Sprue Former 43 (3/pk)
NEOS-C009 Sprue Former 60 (3/pk)
NEOS-C010 Sprue Former 76 (2/pk)
NEOS-C011 Sprue Former 90 (1/pk)
NEOS-M001 Metal Ring
NEOS-M002 Metal Shutter
NEOS-M003 Metal Plate
NEOS-M004 Ceramic Plate Small
NEOS-M005 Ceramic Plate Large
NEOS-M006 Fiber Sheet
NEOS-M007 Retort
NEOS-M008 Exhaust Air Filter
NEOS-M009 Melting Pot Assembly (MMFP)
NEOS-M010 Thermocouple Assy
NEOS-M101 View Glass
NEOS-M102 Tweezers
NEOS-M103 Crucible Stand
NEOS-M105 Hose
NEOS-M106 Pocket Pager
NEOS-M107 Dust Collector
NEOS-M202 Lid Sensor
NEOS-M204 Chamber Lid
NEOS-M205 Lock Rod
NEOS-M206 Lock Sleeve
NEOS-M207 Limit Switch
NEOS-M209 Lock Lever
NEOS-M211 Chamber Case
NEOS-M212 Chamber Case Rear Cover
NEOS-M213 Seal Ring
NEOS-M214 Boss Unit
NEOS-M215 Chamber Case under Cover
NEOS-M218 Lock Lever Plate
NEOS-M306 O Ring
NEOS-M403 Argon Flow Gauge
NEOS-M404 Argon Gas Valve
NEOS-M408 Heating Drive Unit
NEOS-M411 Motor Assembly
NEOS-M502 Vacuum Valve Unit
NEOS-M503 Exhaust valve Unit
NEOS-M505 Drain Filter
NEOS-M510 Pump Fuse
NEOS-M514/NEOS-M515 Triple Branch Fittings Assembly/Safety Valve
NEOS-M516 Air Pressure Valve Unit
NEOS-M517 Argon Pressure Valve Unit
NEOS-M601 Main PCB Assembly
NEOS-M603 Power Switch
NEOS-M605 Photo Sensor Assembly
NEOS-M606 Pressure Sensor
NEOS-M607 Branch Union Y
NEOS-M608 Rotary Elbow Fitting
NEOS-M609 Crucible Sensor Assembly
NEOS-M610 Argon Nozzle Assembly
NEOS-M806 Operation Panel Set
NEOS-M807 Operation Panel Cable
NEOS-M999A Retort Pipe Holder
SCA-022 Ceramic Crucible (10/pk)
NC7-021  Casting Flux (SF-50)
Password for Muffle Replacement

When Error 5 is displayed, the unit will also show 4-digit number on the right display that indicates the total number of casting. Use the following calculation to get the password.


Calculation for the Password:
  • # of castings        below 1149 (N x 57 + 12)
  • # of castings        b/t 1150 – 2299 (N x 57 + 12) – 65536
  • # of castings        b/t 2300 – 3449 (N x 57 + 12) – 131072
  • # of castings        b/t 3450 – 4598 (N x 57 + 12) – 196608
  • # of castings        b/t 4599 – 5748 (N x 57 + 12) – 262144
  • # of castings        b/t 5749 – 6898 (N x 57 + 12) – 327680
  • # of castings        b/t 6899 – 8048 (N x 57 + 12) – 393216
  • # of castings        b/t 8049 – 9197 (N x 57 + 12) – 458752
  • # of castings        b/t 9198 – 9999 (N x 57 + 12) – 524288

Example 1: # of casting = 1159 → (1159 x 57 + 12) – 65536 =539                   PW: 0539

Example 2: # of casting = 4278 → (4278 x 57 + 12) – 196608 = 47250         PW: 7250

Note: After replacing the muffle, please apply MUFFLE HEAT CORRECTION. See below for instructions.


Muffle Heat Correction

Press and hold [SELECTOR] and power swith on. If your display shows fewer number than .˽ – 1.4..  you must do the following process:

  1. Turn the main switch on
  2. Press and hold [SELECTOR] then press [OK]
  3. Press [OK] a few times to read .E P.
  4. Press  to input the Heat Correction Value shown on the right bottom of the muffle installation instruction.
  5. Press [SELECTOR] to save the change.


Major Error Messages
  • Error 5:      Muffle heater is malfunctioning – Muffle heater needs to be replaced
  • Error 6:      Thermocouple is malfunctioning – Thermocouple needs to be replaced
  • Error 13:    Abnormal low pressure – Check [ARGON•AIR] button. Air has to be on.


If you are experiencing miscast using the Neo Super Cascom, please check bellow. The reason for the miscast could be one of the followings or could be the combination of the following:


Burnout process is one of the most important aspects of the casting with Neo Super Cascom. In the case of insufficient burnout, you might experience short casting.

1. Phosphate for Crown & Bridge Gold

  • Burnout w/ 1560°F (850°C) over 1 hour and 20min. Then take out the ring from a burnout fuance 1 minute before casting. (Temperature of the ring will decrease from 1560°F (850°C) to 1330°F (720°C) which is optimum temperature for crown&bridge cases

2. Phosphate for Porcelain Fused Metal

  • Burnout w/ 1650°F (900°C) over 1 hour. Longer is better.


Air Pressure

Neo Super Cascom requires 100psi to 145psi of pressurized air from the compressor. Insufficient air pressure is one of the most common reasons for short cast. If the distanse between the unit and the air compressor is far, Neo Super Cascom might get less than 100psi even if the regulator of the air compressor is showing 100psi.


Pressure Type

AIR has to be on. If ARGON is on, doulbe click on this button. This is one of the most common reasons for short casts.


Argon Gas

When you cast a metal that contains Palladium for more than 30%, you must use Argon Gas while melting the alloy. Argon Gas prevents oxidation and it helps to achieve clean casting results. Lack of argon gas causes alloy sack-back (metal stuck inside of the crucible) especially for Nickel-Chrome alloy.


Nickel-Chrome Alloy

The most common miscast with Nickel-Chrome alloy is when metal does not flow into the ring smoothly due to overheating. If the metal contains Nickel for more than 70% and Chrome for more than 10%, please use the parameter below.

  • Start Temp: 2190°F (1200°C)
  • Cast Temp: 2540°F (1395°C)
  • Hold Time: 6min
  • Cast Timing: 0.2
  • Cooling Time: 2 to 3min

Brand new ceramic crucible made by Boron Nitride is also available.  Boron Nitride makes flow of melting alloy smoother. The combination of the parameter above and the new crucible minimize miscast with Nickel-Chrome alloy. For more information, please call 310-320-6633.



1. How to make a program – PDF

2. How to cast precious, semi-pre metal – PDF (PALLADIUM LESS THAN 30%)

3. How to cast semi, non-precioius metal – PDF (PALLADIUM MORE THAN 30%)


Spruing Guide

4. Spruing 4


Alloy Chart (Coming Soon)
Excel Sheet (Coming Soon)



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