Power Requirements

The unit requires 220V single-phase, 20A and grounding


Unloaded Muffle Firing

When first purchasing the unit, please follow the unloaded muffle process listed below:

  1. Put proper amount of beads in the firing tray, then put one or two firing trays with its cover on.
  2. Choose the Course 0 and press [START STOP]. It takes approximately 7 hours.


How to Use:
  1. Powering on, then the unit displays Standby Mode
  2. Select the course by ▲▼
  3. Press [START/STOP]


How to Program:

Suppose you store a firing program on Program Course 5 as follows:

(Make sure firing table is down)

Course Name: TEST

Step 1      Temp: 1000C      Time: 40min

Step 2      Temp: 1500C      Time: 60min

Step 3      Temp: 1500C      Time: 120min

Step 4      Temp: 400C      Time: 60min

Step 5      Temp: 300C      Time: 90min

Table Position: 5.

Start temperature is 20C. It is already programmed.

  1. Turn on the power to go to the Standby Mode
  2. Press ▲▼ button to choose the course number 5
  3. Press  [F1]
  4. Press ▲ to move to Course Name
  5. Input TEST by using [F3]&[F4] and
  6. Prress ▼ to move back to Step 1
  7. Input 1000 by [F3]&[F4]
  8. Press        to adjust time then imput 0:40 by [F3]&[F4]
  9. Press ▼ to move down to Step 2 then input 1500 and 1:00 by [F3]&[F4]
  10. Press ▼ to move down to Step 3 then input 1500 and 2:00 by [F3]&[F4]
  11. Press ▼ to move down to Step 4 then input 400 and 1:00 by [F3]&[F4]
  12. Press ▼ to move down to Step 5 then input 300 and 1:30 by [F3]&[F4]
  13. Press [F2] to change Setting Page (Table Position & Chme)
  14. Adjust Table Position to 5 by using [F3]&[F4]
  15. Press [F1] to return to Standby Mode

©Program will not be saved if you turn off the unit during programming.


Error Signs
  • No4:      Lifting Table Abnormal – Error occurs during lifting the firing
  • No5:      Heater Disconnection Abnormally – Heater is broken. Please replace it with a new heater
  • No6:      Thermocouple Error – The thermocouple is short-circulated or disconnected
  • No8:      Memory Error – The memory content is corrupted by the influence of noise or when the unit cannot read the memory
  • No9:      Excessive Rise of Temperature – The muffle temperature rises excessively
  • No11:     Top Cooling Fan Error – Error occurs in the top cooling fan
  • No12:     Under Cooling Fan Error – Error occurs in the lower cooling fan



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