Tips for Zircom Speed Carbon Tray

Hello KDF Customers!

We recommend Zircom Speed Carbon Tray use for under 4 hours of sintering . (Over 4 hours of zirconia sintering time is used for normal ceramic trays.)


Please always set up trays and plates like this, if even under 5 single units sintering. There is no exception.

Zircom (Standard, Plus, Speed)

  • Please do NOT put any zirconia materials in the bottom space.
  • Please put on the white plate space , zirconia materials do not touch to the carbon tray If it touches the tray zirconia will change the color
  • Each tray average capacity 10 single units ( total around 20 single units) in one speed sintering cycle.
  • Please choose the fast (speed) zirconia disc materials , we don’t recommend normal zirconia material for speed sintering.
  • Please know that each zirconia material has different sintering schedules. so please follow the products original schedule transfer to Zircom machine’s schedule. for instance, speed sintering calculation transfer examples here.
  • These Carbon trays are able to sell for only Zircom Speed machine holder.

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