Zircom fits your everyday use!!

Zircom series (Standard / Speed / Plus)purchasing parameters

1, Normal sintering time 6-8hours on under 40-60 single units daily.

fit for Zircom standard ( 4 heaters) or Zircom Speed (4 heaters)


2, If you have some rush cases or need speed results 90 min for 15-20 single units ?

Every cycle to finish for 100min (included glazing ) fit for Zircom Speed

Also sometimes uses normal sintering zirconia materials too ?

Fit for Zircom Speed

Zircom Speed is able to choose both normal and speed sintering time.

Normal( average over 6 hours sintering) is using Ceramic Tray (white tray)

Speed (average under 5 hours sintering) is using Carbon Tray (Grey tray)

If you have a Zircom Speed and need a speed result for 90 min ? Please choose the zirconia material for Speed cycle 90min ! not a normal sintering material.


3, Normal sintering time 6-8 hours on average over 80 single units or full arch flame 3-4 in daily.

fir for Zircom Plus (5 heaters)
compare to Zircom standard tray with Zircom Plus tray



Zircom Plus tray formation.

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